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Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills by Tony Stoltzfus Coaching Questions
A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills
by Tony Stoltzfus
100 pages, Large Format

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Powerful questions are a coach's greatest tool--so nothing can improve your coaching ability more than building great asking skills. Whether you are a life coach in training or an experienced professional, if you are doing relationship or executive coaching, Coaching Questions has the tools, techniques and question examples to help you ask questions with greater impact.

This reference guide is a toolkit packed with dozens of questioning skills, models and exercises, covering everything from conversational models, options and obstacles to advanced asking skills like reframing, tolerations and decision strategies (click here to view the Table of Contents). Each asking technique is briefly described, then illustrated with coaching question examples (over 1,000 in all). This coaching manual also offers hints and tips for where to use the different asking tools, and practice coaching exercises you can use to increase your skills. It even includes an independent study schedule that lets you practice with a peer to master these powerful coaching techniques on your own.

Readers Talk About Coaching Questions

"The Questions Book is awesome! I am running through it now and then, it gets me thinking and aligns my thoughts... [in the way] I need to be in with a client. Tony, you are truly gifted!

"I am extremely impressed with the content of Tony's new book which I received yesterday."

"I just got your 'Coaching Questions' and it is an amazing book... It will be very helpful."

"GREAT Coaching Questions book. VERY helpful!"

"Dude, that Coaching Questions book is awesome! I'm sure I will use it incessantly."

"I received Coaching Questions in the mail yesterday! It resonates so well with where I am. I am recommending it to others."

"It amazed me how immediately useful the information was. This book is fantastic in it’s ability to get you to think about the questions that you ask when you meet with people... I’m talking about thinking over the types of questions you ask and how you ask them, and then, thinking about how to catch yourself in mid-sentence when asking a closed question to turn it around to be open.... I wouldn’t say this about most books, but “Coaching Questions” would be a great book to get whether you are a coach, pastor, or just a plain ol’ guy like me!em>"

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